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Bahamas - Exuma Cays - December 2023

This was a long awaited trip and one that I have made before in December 2016 seven years ago exactly . I travelled solo again with Blackbeards Allstar Liveaboards spending two weeks on board their boats, 'Sea Explorer' and 'Morning Star'. We sailed the Exuma Cays diving the spectacular reefs there , and got to see some of the amazing marine life they have to offer.

For added drama, the Exumas are just within the Bermuda Triangle, a string of 365 islands ripe for exploring, and the beauty of this trip is that apart from the boats I was diving from there are hardly any other divers in the area. Setting sail from Nassau I dived two back to back one week liveaboard trips splitting them up between the two boats to vary the trip slightly, whilst meeting the different Blackbeard crews and divers on board along the way.

The 'Morning Star'

The 'Sea Explorer'

I highly recommend this trip for anyone who likes the more adventurous holiday. The boats are confined and the sleeping is in bunks spread between three holds. The galley is small but the food that comes out of it is amazing.

The crew are very experienced and look after your every need. Sailing from dive site to dive site is so relaxing . Some of the dives are the shark feed dive, the washing machine drift dive, and the smuggler's plane amongst many others.

I have added some images and a video to my site from the trip 'Bahamas 2023' for reference. I will definitely return to Blackbeards in the not too distant future.


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